Carp Fishing in Gran Canaria

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Lake Chira Gran CanariaGran Canaria is not the first continent you think of when carp fishing overseas. Carp lakes are not rife in Gran Canaria but quality wins every time over quantity and Gran Canaria has some great carp fishing sport to be had, the waters are not over-fished either as anglers tend to choose mainland Spain or France for carp fishing destinations.

Gran Canaria has a total of 63 lakes, some of which contain huge carp. The Carp were originally introduced to control aquatic vegetation in lakes but have since become a tourist attraction in themselves, with several companies offering Carp Fishing Holidays to tourists. The Chira lake is 160 acres when at its fullest. Its full of thousands of carp averaging from 10-50lb, with a mixture of common, linears, mirror and ghost carp, it is the most prolific lake on gran canaria, well known and is fished all year round.

Carp fishing set up in Gran Canaria

Carp fishing set up in Gran Canaria

April and May is when the fish are spawning so thats a good time to come fishing. Fishing is available 6 days a week all year round and most 6-hour day trips produce at least 3-5 carp a session and these can be any size! 24 hour fishing on the bank is also possible. The other lakes on the island such as Ninas only has small fish to about 18-20lb, nothing big and is always busy with campers and day trippers. Lake Soria is another full and beautiful lake with fish to 30lbs but has been empty and full empty and full so many times we’re not sure whats left in there!

St Nicholas lakes are beautiful and have some great carp in them but again its a matter of days before you catch them and there are some lakes in the north where common carp to 55lb are possible but you could wait weeks for that size fish. Lake Chira Is peaceful, quiet and the scenery is beautiful. Black mouthed bass are the only other fish on Gran Canaria and are in all the lakes.

Lake Chira Gran Canaria

Lake Chira, Gran Canaria – you can see the dam wall to the left. are the original carp fishing expedition company in Gran Canaria and have over 10 years experience of carp fishing in Gran Canaria. The anglers behind the company have lots of experience of catching mirror and common carp well over 50 lbs. You can find lots of 20 and 30 lb carp and a few over 40 lbs in Gran Canaria and can fish day and night!

Lake Chira is one of the best carp fishing lakes on the island and also stocks bass, due to the climate fishing is available all year round, luxury lakeside accommodation is also available for those only interested in a carp fishing holiday. 140-acre Lake Chira (depths to 60ft!) is accessed by driving up through the mountains to about 3000ft above sea level. Anglers mail described Lake Chira as “one of the World’s best carp fishing destinations”, what more can we say!

2015 Carp Fishing Trip – Lake Chira, Gran Canaria

24lb mirror carp from Lake Chira, Gran CanariaWe tried the carp fishing for the first time on 4th August 2015, just a day trip. We were collected at 08:00 from our apartment in Playa del Ingles and driven an hour into the mountains (near Chira village) and commenced fishing around 09:00. The drive up the mountains saw some breathtaking views.

We only fished until 3pm but between four of us, we had 10 runs and banked 8 carp, the largest to 29lb and 6 of which were 20lb+. The temperatures reached 35 degrees celcius but, unlike in the UK, the carp continue to feed throughout the day, despite the heat. The carp are also not shy, when a carp takes the boilie they just run with it, they are not timid and carp that have previously not been caught continue to be banked!

We will definitely be returning for a week’s trip (fishing day and night) looking for a 30-40lb carp, many of which are in Lake Chira and staying in one of the nearby apartments. As you can see from the pictures above the water levels are currently a little low, although this obviously makes the fishing a little easier!  Once Lake Chira is full then it is possible to fish from the nearby apartments.

Dave and Alison Beecham were a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating. They have been offering day trips for the past 12 years and the 75 Euro’s cost is well worth it and includes transport to the lake, all the tackle you need, Spanish fishing licence, bait, water and lunch!

Next year we will be coming back for a week (looking for a new pb)….

Spanish Fishing License

A fishing license (2-rod rule as per Spanish law) is required to go recreational fishing in Gran Canaria so make sure this is included if booking through a company organising a fishing trip. If not, then you can obtain one here;

Vice Consejeria de Pesca
Profesor Agustín Millares Carló, 10
35002 Las Palmas
Gran Canaria

Tel: (+34) 928 301 591

Gran Canaria carp video.

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