Gran Canaria Museums

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Gran Canaria MuseumsCasa de Colon, Las Palmas
Take a fascinating journey through the history of navigation and the discovery of America in one of Gran Canaria‘s most attractive buildings.

Museo Canario, Las Palmas
A mesmerizing peek into the Canary Islands’ enigmatic pre-Hispanic culture is provided here, with some superb exhibits that have been unearthed around the islands

Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia, Las Palmas
The capital’s science museum offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment, with plenty of interactive exhibits to keep visitors of all ages amused.

Museo Nestor, Las Palmas
Admire the finest works of Gran Canarian Modernist maestro, Nestor Martin Fernandez de la Torre, in the Neo-Classical Pueblo Canario, designed and built in the 1930s by the artist’s brother, Miguel. One of the museum’s highlights, the eight-panel Poema del Atlántico (Poem of the Atlantic) is widely considered to be the artist’s finest work, through the sensitivity shown in Poem of the Earth is also remarkable.

Museo de Historia de Aguimes
Inhabited since Guanche times, Aguimes has a full and interesting past that warrants a museum in its honour. Visitors can learn about the area’s many ancient legends and superstitions, a product of its great ethnic mix. Displayed in a handsome 17th-century mansion the exhibits are well laid out and information is provided in three languages.

Casa Museo Antonio Padron, Galdar
Many of Antonio Padrons colourful Paintings portray Canarian customs and daily life, though the collection here does include a number of his Expressionist works. The museum is set in the artist’s studio, a charming building in his home town.

Museo de los Patronos de la Virgen, Teror
The sponsors of Gran Canaria’s most important statue of the Virgin resided for centuries in this sparkling example of Canarian architecture. Today it is preserved as a museum, complete with period furniture and paintings. There is also a patio and a small chapel.

CAAM, Las Palmas
Set in the historic quarter of Las Palmas in this ultra-modern art gallery. The building is brought to life by its varied temporary exhibitions by Spanish, African and Latin-America artists.

Ecomuseo Casa-Alfar Panchito, La Atalaya
Visit the cave-home and workshop of a master of traditional pottery, and a see a side of Canarian life that is all but lost.

Centro de Interpretacion de Guayadeque
Cave living, past and present, gets its own museum in this spectacular ravine setting.

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