Increase in foreign workers in the Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands has seen an increase of 352 foreign workers in August 2013, an increase of 0.47% when compared to the previous month of July yet the figures for the whole year of 2013 so far show a decrease of 3.69% (2,877 people). These figures were released yesterday by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The total number of foreign workers in the Canaries currently stands at 75,053. In the whole of Spain, foreign contributors decreased by 25,294 during August (-1.5%) compared to July, totalling 1,607,609 foreigners working in Spain.

With the decline during August, foreign affiliation to the Social Security in Spain has lost 18.000 contributors in a three month decline.

In annual terms, the Social Security foreign affiliates has dropped by 140,806 contributors (-8.05%) compared to figures for the total number of affiliates (foreign and National) which was -3.36% this data confirms that trend already seen in previous months that job-loss is affecting more foreign workers than Spanish nationals.

Of the total number of foreign workers registered at the end of August, six out of ten were from non-EU countries (1,002,107) and the rest (605,501) were from EU member countries.

The EU member countries with the largest number of foreign workers in Spain were from Rumania with 247,424, Italy with 64,705 and Britain with 50,911 workers.

Among the non-EU countries, 176,548 were from Morroco, 95,959 from Ecuador, 88,427 from China and 76,746 from Bolivia.