International air travel up 6% in the Canary Islands

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The eight airports in the Canary Islands registered an increase of 6% during the month of August (2013) with 2,867,231 passengers, of which 2,842,874 used commercial flights. The airports which recorded a higher passenger growth were La Gomera, with an increase of 40.1% (2,961 passengers), Lanzarote, with 4.7% (538,484 passengers), Tenerife South, with 3.11% (708,404 passengers) and Fuerteventura, with 0.4% (426,549 passengers).

Of the total number of passengers, 1,719,170 were from, or were headed to, international destinations, reflecting an increase of 6% over the same period the previous year.

The largest percentage increase in international passenger numbers corresponded to the Lanzarote airport, with 12.1%, reaching 348,897 passengers. Tenerife Norte followed with 3,690 passengers (+8%), Tenerife South, with 624,392 passengers (+6.9%), Fuerteventura, with 313,566 (+3.9%) and Gran Canaria, with 413,632 (+2.8%).

Of the total number of international travellers, 1,589,126 of them correspond to passengers from the European Union while 130,044 correspond to passengers from outside the European Union. The remaining passengers, 1,123,704, came from domestic destinations.

With respect to the number of operations, the airports recorded a total of 25,307 flights, of which 10,221 were international, 5.9% more than in August 2012.