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Loro Parque (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife)Loro Parque (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife)
Described as the most spectaculat Orca show in Europe!

The killer wales all come from SeaWorld in America and are waiting to enthrall you with a stunning performance that will take your breath away. Enjoy this unforgetable experience as you discover the wonders of these fascinating marine animals.

Planet Penguin
Discover the Antarctic and be absorbed in a true Polar climate in the world’s largest Penguinarium. Real snow, a big iceberg and hundreds of Antarctic penguins await you in their impressive ice-covered world.

Sea Lions
Few animals demonstrate such a natural sense of fun as sea lions, you will be facinated by the family here, with their delightful antics and amazing intelligence. Head to this show for some guaranteed laughs.


Find yourself face to face with the fascinating creatures that inhabit the oceans and rivers. Immerse yourself in an underwater world like to other. Passing through the aquarium you will enter the awe-inspiring shark tunnel which will bring you up close to some of natures’s most impressive predators.

Loro Show
You will be impressed by the talent and ingenuity of the parrots, which, of course, have their own very own show in the Arabian palace. It was the very first parrot show in Europe and you can enjoy the majestic flight of these colourful birds, flying so close you can almost touch them.


Take a seat in the dolphin stadium and you’ll very quickly be charmed by the poise and intelligence of the dolphin family. As they showcase their gravity defying moves and jumps, young and old alike will find themselves grinning from ear to ear.

The great experience of the animal park would not be complete without paying a visit to the magnificent all male group of gorillas. Their impressive exhibit of 3000 square metres lets you get close to their natural rainforest environment providing an unparalleled experience to learn about these noble and proud animals.

Tiger Island
Loro Parque is home to two tigers – the snw white tiger, Prince and his more typically coloured female Benhal tiger companion, Saba. Previously the tigers formed part of a circus and when their former owner decided to retire them, he chose Loro Parque for their new home.


Katandra treetops will delight you with all the different songs of the birds from the very treetops. Journey to Australia and Asia, over the landing bridge and through the exuberant jungle searching for the most original of the various species.

Planet Life
Revel in the magic of cinema and come visit Naturavision. Planet Life is a new documentary developed by the co-producers of “Oceans” especially for Loro Parque and therefore it can only be viewed in the mirrored dome of Naturavision. Filmed in HD, this film shows the beauty of nature and discovers marvellous ecosystems of the five continents, offering viewers a different view of the biodiversity that surrrounds us and how we humans can help curb the environmental impact we are causing. Its compelling message of conservation and its stunning scenery will dazzle visitors of all ages. Planet life is shown in three languages several times a day, combining emotion, colour and vitality that will no doubt encourage a love of respect of nature.

Loco Parque is also home to a themed adventure playground for the younger ones and also has an array of restaurants and cafe’s to relax and eat.

Loco Parque Foundation
The foundation is an international, non-profit organisation established in 1994 to protect parrots and cetaceans and their habitats. From that time on Loro Parque assumed all the costs and therefore LPF was able to invest more than $10 million in 82 conservation projects in 5 continents. Parrots are considered ambassadors of nature and when one is saved, it also helps to protect the other beings that inhabit the environment. All donations are gratefully received and LPF guarantee that 100% of your donation will be devoted to the protection of nature.

Download the Loro Parque Map here.

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