Siam Park – The Water Kingdom (Costa Adeje, Tenerife)

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Siam Park - The Water Kingdom (Costa Adeje, Tenerife)Tower of Power

Siam Park’s landmark attraction, the jaw-dropping Tower Of Power. Climb to the top of the tower, take a deep breath and hold on tight while you free fall 28 metres down an almost vertical descent and emerge through a mysterious aquarium full of awe-dropping sharks!

The Dragon
Together with friends and family you can experience amazing zero-gravity in the biggest ‘Dragon’ in the world. Throw yourself into experiencing this unique sensation.

Siam Beach
Take in the sun and relax on the whitest, brightest natural sand beach in Tenerife, with sand brought directly from the Algarve in Portugal and together with the fresh turqoise water, you will be transported to an authentic paradise on earth.

Mekong Rapids
Experience a wild aquatic adventure like Indiana Jones with your friends on the large damily-sized floats.

Wave Palace
Fun is guaranteed for all with waves to suit everyone at The Wave Palace, where the desalinated water is heated all year round. We also hold the world record for the biggest man made wave at 4 metres, where the more daring of you can surf and try out different stunts.

Lost City
A paradise full of fun for the kids, Uncover the secrets of this aquatic fortress as they venture accross bridges, through waterfalls and down gentle slides. This is the park’s attraction for kids that adults will love too!

Jungle Snakes
Discover the legendary jungle and enjoy the escapade of sliding down the daring Jungle Snake slides giving you a mysterious and adventurous fealing.

The Giant
Our legendary Giant will transport you to a world that is guaranteed to be full of adventure and mystery as you whirl round and round this enormous funnel.

The lights disappear and the speed picks up as you enter the Volcano. Inside the crater emotions run high as you whirl around, surrounded by darkness and rotating lights with the sensation of being propelled towards infinity.

Mai Thai River
Relax and soak up the sun while floating along the winding tropical river through a world of varying landscapes, lush vegetation and tumbling water falls. Pass through the aquarium and see the amazing sharks.

Naga Racing
Feeling competitive? Grab your float and race against your friends down the undulating Naga Racer.