Sioux City Western Theme Park

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Sioux City Western Theme ParkSioux City Western theme park is based in the dry Barranco de Aguila, to the northwest of San Agustin, is very popular with tourists and close to main resorts and hotels. Sioux City was built in 1972 for recordings of spaghetti-western-type films (originally “A Fistful of Dollars”). There are activities such as horseback riding, playground for children, performances by bank robbers, sherifs, outlaws, knife-throwing, cowboys, Indians and all
that belongs to a western movie, including a bank robbery, shootings, rain dances and much more. An experience for the whole family and a great night’s entertainment.

Surrounded by a canyon, one of the most popular theme parks on the island, covering a huge 320,000 square metres and even includes a small zoo! The two is set in typical western style with a saloon, general store, bank, church, sherif’s office, houses, horse and buffalo.

You will find more information in your local hotel as Sioux City is well publicised. Food and drink are reasonably priced, Friday evenings are best!

It is open all year round from 10:00 to 17:00 (Tuesday to Saturday), closed Mondays and a BBQ (and evening shows) on Friday’s from 20:00 to midnight.

Address: Canon de Aguila, San Agustin
Phone: +34 928 762 573