Surfing in Gran Canaria

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Derecha del faroThe perfect place to learn and practice surfing…I am talking about Gran Canaria, part of the canary islands and the ‘Hawaii of Europe’.

Gran Canaria´s highway from the south to the north takes just 40 minutes, the short drive making it easy to travel to different surfing locations. The South, East And North coast all have many locations for all kind of surfing levels, from beach breaks and reef breaks to point breaks. Some spots are a bit difficult to find so we would recommend taking a guide for the first time. However, there are also a few easy accessible spots.

Of course as you know, everything is dependant on the wave conditions but we will highlight the best spots so you get a idea of the island for amazing surfing days. We recommend, once you arrive, to check with a surf school where the swell hits that week.

Las Cicer (North Coast)

La cicerThe most famous surfing spot on Gran Canaria, directly at the center of the capital, Las Palmas. Great for beginners and experienced surfers alike. The spot works well all year round with bigger waves in the winter. You will meet lots of surfers in the water so take care off the surfer rules! (you will find the rules in front of the beach on a big sign)

La Laja (North/East Coast)

La Laja a very local spot with a huge beach with multiple waves located straight off the highway just before the capital city Las Palmas.

Great for all kind of surfers, we would recommend to take out a longboard as the waves are easier to catch!

Playa Del Ingles (South Coast)

Playa del InglesA summer spot that works with an east wind, a typical beach spot that works well for beginners as well as experienced surfers. When its working you probably find a crowd but it is a big beach so have plenty of space to practice and the spot is located directly next to the dunes which give an amazing view from the water.

Derecha El Faro (South Coast)

Winter spots located in Maspalomas that works with a Northwest, west or southwest swell, recommend for intermediate level and all above as the bottom is rocky so can be dangerous without the right knowledge. This spot can show some days in the year what we call an EPIC wave.

4.The north coast. 

gran canaria northRight after Las Palmas the road beside the north coast start where you find many different spots with HUGE waves in the winter and smaller ones in the summer. These spots are recommended for advance surfers as most of them are full of rocks and currents. Most of the locations are working with all kind of swells from West swell to North swell and East. Now we know where to go for the professional surfers among us.


Sunny weather and warm sea temperature all year round. In the summer you can expect everyday temperatures of at least 26 degrees and a sea water temperature of 24 degree, making Gran Canaria an ideal place to surf without a wetsuit and even in the winter months it stays average around 24 degrees with a sea water temperature from 19 degree. We would recommend a wetsuit in the winter though.

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