Telde, Ingnio and Aguimes

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Church of Ingenio - Gran CanariaTelde, also known as the City of the Faycanes, has the honour of having been the first Episcopal seat in the Canary Archipelago. Demographical it is the second largest city on the island. It shares the location of the Gran Canaria Airport with Villa de indegnio. Today it is an industrial city of the first order, but even so, its varied argiculture with banana plantations, vegetable crops and profuse variety of fruits, has not lost its fame. Ingenio owes its name to the rudimentary sugar industry and the cultivation of sugar-cane which were commenced in 1527 by juan de Matos in the Valle Real de Aguatona, which, at that time, belonged to Villa de Arguimes, today an independent district.

Aguimes, which extends from Gando to Temisas, was granted to the bishop of the Canary Islands b Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic Monarchs, as an honorarium for this participation in the conquest of Gran Canaria. Its hegemony was lost in 1819 when it was separated from the township of Ingenio. Both towns have their own life and a promising future – Aguimes with its industrial zone and Ingenio with its agriculture and handcrafts.

The beautiful Church of San Juan Bautista in Telde (1483 – 1539) was constructed in a Neogothic-Mudejarstle. Singularly typical neighbourhoods suchas San Antonio and San Francisco are found in the outskirts of Telde, and on its coastline are residential areas as well as peaceful Gando Beach and bustling Melenara Beach.

Within the Villa de Ingenio area are localities like Carrizal, cradle of poets, historians and important soldiers one of whom was General Morales who, through his own merits, went from apprentice salt merchant to Field Marshal of the Spanish Arm in Venezuela and ended his career as Captain General and Regent of the Court of Canaria.

The purest example of Canarian calado (embroider openwork) is found in this district in the gil espino family, famed specialists in this handcraft which the have inherited from their ancestors.

Without losing its traditions sources, the econom of Aguimes has opened its doors to the exterior by constructing the island’s largest and most important industrial zone on its coast.

A first-class commercial dock will soon be available for use and will channel the exports of the nearby industries. Arinaga Beach is well Prepared for all types of water sports.